Shadowman by One Desire

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

One Desire band has released their second music video taken from the coming new album "Midnight Empire". The song is "Shadowman". In this video you can see Jimmy Westerlund (left in video) playing black Taisto Guitars AROK-FR Shadowman custom guitar. Jimmy calls guitar shortly simply "Shadowman" like his song is named.

AROK-FR Shadowman custom is guitar customized based on our AROK-series guitar model. The customization was carefully done with Jimmy Westerlund based on idea of "Shadowman" song and his guitar need for studio work and coming One Desire and other live performances and tours.

Band: - André Linman – lead vocals, guitars - Jimmy Westerlund – guitars, vocals - Ossi Sivula – drums - Jonas Kuhlberg – bass Directed by: Ville Juurikkala Shadowman written by:

- Music: Jimmy Westerlund, Geir Rönning, Sören Kronqvist - Lyrics by: Jimmy Westerlund, Geir Rönning

Jimmy Westerlund in Shadowman video shooting

AROK-FR Shadowman electric guitar has a big role in the building the sound landscape for new One Desire "Midnight Empire" album. Jimmy's AROK-FR Shadowman has a special feature: Fernandes Sustainer system for infinite sustain and harmonics but can be also ordered/shipped without electronics. Other main features are:

- TAISTO AROK-series with closed semi-hollow body structure - Black high gloss finish - Semi-sharp single cutaway - Original Floyd Rose bridge with locking nut - 25 inch scale with 22 stainless steel frets - Ebony fretboard and carbon fiber enforced neck - Integrated neck body structure for easy high fret access - Multi-layered bindings - Mahogany neck and body wood - Arctic birch body top wood - Ratio locking tuners - Fernandes Sustainer system for infinite sustain and harmonics - Easy bridge spring tension adjust - Bridge pickup:by Bare Knuckle pickups - Neck pickup: Fernandes Driver/Pickup - Possibility to bypass electronics and split coil functions - Chrome hardware color

Ville Juurikkala working with One Desire

Jimmy Westerlund and Andre Linman in video shooting

Here is another One Desire video "After you're gone" which was released one month earlier - also from the same new "Midnight Empire" album. Also in this video Jimmy Westerlund plays AROK-FR Shadowman guitar. To play this video, view this post from your live site.

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