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Guitar Series

Guitar Collection

Our guitar collection is formed around six different guitar series, each created driven by customer needs, four of them being electric guitar series, one acoustic guitar series and one bass guitar series. 


Each guitar series include many artist signature and ready made-to-order custom models and almost unlimited amount of choices to create your own custom guitar.  

Guitar Details

In the gallery below there is some detailed pictures about our customized guitar models. Explore them and get first touch to our guitar series. Next, go forward and explore each our guitar series and then Make-to-Order customized models. 


Add Ons

At Taisto Guitars, we offer a wide range of add-ons and accessories for your custom guitar, including guitar straps, cases, add-on electronics, and guitar picks. Customize your guitar with our quality accessories to make it truly unique and personalize your playing experience. Check from our shop.

TAISTO Leather Guitar Stap_edited.jpg
Jimmy Westerlund plays AROK-FR Shadowman custom guitar
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