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AROK-FR Shadowman Product Video

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Taisto Guitars black AROK-FR Shadowman guitar has a special feature: Fernandes Sustainer system for infinite sustain and harmonics but can be also shipped without electronics.

Other main features are:

- AROK-series with closed semi-hollow body structure

- Black high gloss finish

- Semi-sharp single cutaway

- Original Floyd Rose bridge with locking nut

- 25 inch scale with 22 stainless steel frets

- Ebony fretboard and carbon fiber reinforced neck

- Integrated neck body structure for easy high fret access

- Multi-layered bindings

- Mahogany neck and body wood

- Arctic birch body top wood

- Ratio locking tuners

- Fernandes Sustainer system for infinite sustain and harmonics

- Easy bridge spring tension adjust

- Bridge pickup:by Bare Knuckle pickups

- Neck pickup: Fernandes Driver/Pickup

- Possibility to bypass electronics and split coil functions

- Chrome hardware color

Jimmy Westerlund plays AROK-FR Shadowman guitar on One Desire Video

Check One Desire new video "After You're Gone" directed by Ville Juurikkala

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