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Taisto Guitars - V25-FR Variant Back H20
Jimmy Westerlund (One Desire) plays AROK-FR Shadowman custom guitar in his studio


Original Floyd Rose
25 inch scale


Taisto Guitars AROK-FR Jimmy Westerlund

AROK-FR Jimmy Westerlund Shadowman

Guitar is equipped with Original Floyd Rose tremolo system. Guitar has 25-inch scale length, 22-frets, easy access to high frets with angled neck-body integration, arched top wood and semi-hollow body structure. 


The black guitar in the picture is customized for Jimmy Westerlund and named as Shadowman according one of his new songs composed for One Desire band. The key customization features are black guitar color, body, multi-layer bindings for body, neck and headstock, semi-sharp custaway style, closed semi-hollow body and built-in Fernandes Sustainer. 

AROK-FR guitar has wide and extensive customization set; customization choices starting from body cutaway styles, control layouts, pickup selections, bindings for body, neck and geadstock, electronics to all known series customization choices are valid also for AROK series custom guitars. Detailed information about AROK series specific customization choices in our customization pages.

White Taisto Guitars - AROK-FR Shadowman guitar
Taisto Guitars AROK-FR Shadowman custom guitar
Taisto Guitars AROK-FR Shadowman with Fernandes sustainer in case




Guitar is  designed to be customized for you. Check our customization pages, most of the customization choices available for V25 series are also available for AROK series guitars. Detailed information about AROK specific customization choices will be updated to our customization pages later.