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One Desire - After You're Gone

Updated: May 15, 2020

First single and video "After You're Gone" of One Desire band new album Midnight Empire is now released. You can listen and see the video below. Jimmy Westerlund plays black AROK-FR Shadowman guitar (Taisto Guitars) on video and coming live performances and soon starting Midnight Empire European Tour. Tour starts on March 6th from London, UK

The band line-up:

  • André Linman – lead vocals, guitars

  • Jimmy Westerlund – guitars, bg vocals, lead vocals

  • Ossi Sivula – drums

  • Jonas Kuhlberg – bass

Below you can find a short picture gallery about black Taisto Guitars AROK-FR Shadowman guitar made for Jimmy Westerlund for his needs to record guitar parts for new album and use in coming live performances.

AROK-FR Shadowman has a special feature: Fernandes Sustainer system for infinite sustain and harmonics but can be also shipped without electronics. Other main features are:

  • AROK-series with closed semi-hollow body structure

  • Black high gloss finish

  • Semi-sharp single cut cutaway

  • Original Floyd Rose bridge with locking nut

  • 25 inch scale with 22 frets

  • Ebony fretboard and carbon fiber enforced neck

  • Integrated neck body structure for easy high fret access

  • Multi-layered bindings

  • Mahogany neck and body wood

  • Arctic birch body top wood

  • Ratio locking tuners

  • Fernandes Sustainer system for infinite sustain and harmonics

  • Easy bridge spring tension adjust

  • Bridge pickup: Nailbomb by Bare Knuckle pickups Neck pickup: Fernandes Driver/Pickup

  • Possibility to bypass electronics and split coil functions

  • Chrome hardware color

Here is some ad-hoc studio guitar check videos where Jimmy Westerlund plays first notes with new Shadowman guitar

Gallarry of detailed pictures about Jimmy Westerlund AROK-FR Shadowman guitar


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