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Jonne Aaron on Summer Tour update

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Jonne Aaron with his band is on summer tour in Finland. Tour started in begin of June at Iskelmä Kesä festival in Turku and continued at Kotka Soi and in Lahti. Then the tour continued in Pori and after one week in Tampere. Below posted pictures and video clips from Iskelmä Kesä Turku 6th of June and Iskelmä Kesä Tampere 6th of July 2019.

Jonne Aaron band on tour:

Jonne Aaron, vocals

Jimmy Westerlund, guitar *)

Jukka Liimatainen, guitar

Tommy Fast, bass

Janne Kokkonen, keyboards

Jimi Hautamäki, drums

Henriikka Mäkelä, back vocals

Jimmy Westerlund plays his new black Taisto Guitars AROK-FR Shadowman guitar.

More info about the guitar here and link to Jonne Aaron artist web here

*) Jimmy Westerlund not playing every gig due to his other tasks and duties.

Jonne Aaron (left) with his band at Iskelmäkesä