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CREO Headless in Metallic Blue color

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

New CREO series 7-string headless guitar customization made for Toni Vesala - playing in Tahrat band. We met Toni roughly 1 year ago and gave an opportunity to test and play one of our 7-string CREO guitar. Toni liked a lot about the guitar and started to think his personal customization needs. Later last spring we created the specification about CREO to be customized for him. Toni has earlier experience with Strandberg headless guitars. We deciced to name this CREO customization with name 7Heaven.

Taisto Guitars - CREO 7MS-HL headless custom guitar in metallic light blue color
Taisto Guitars - CREO 7MS-HL custom guitar in metallic light blue color

Toni's own custom guitar key feature selections were:

  1. Metallic Light Blue color combined with white pickup color

  2. Chrome hardware color

  3. Bare Knuckle Pickups in H-S configuration - bridge: SILO 7 neck: TRIPTYCH 7

  4. Asymmetric neck profile

  5. Semi-Gloss Nitrocellulose finish

CREO series is available with wide set of customization choices and is also available as 6-, 7- and 8-string versions. About the design principles of CREO: modern classic design, strap locks positions in traditional places make it easy to use guitar in live, studio and home. Jack is positioned also so that it works in live standing positions as well while sitting.

Toni Vesala in first touch with his new CREO 7MS-HL guitar
Toni Vesala in first touch with his new CREO 7MS-HL guitar

Below brief feature summary of Toni Vesala's custom CREO guitar:

  • CREO series, 7-string headless, right handed

  • SHRECUT body with large space for left hand

  • Right hand body contour

  • Multicale 25"-26.5"

  • Metallic light blue color with semi gloss nitrocellulose finish

  • Woods: mahogany, maple and ebony

  • Asymmetric neck profile ASYM-C

  • 24 fanned stainless steel frets

  • Compound radius fretboard

  • Carbon fibers in neck

  • Mother of pearl dot inlays

  • ABM headless hardware in chrome finish

  • HS pickup configuration with Bare Knuckle pickups

  • Toggle-volume-tone control layout

Taisto Guitars CREO 7MS-HL headless custom guitar
Taisto Guitars CREO 7MS-HL headless custom guitar

Few pictures about CREO 7-string headless guitar in metallic light blue color and from building process.

About Tahrat band:

  • Kalle Härtsiä – Vocal

  • Toni Vesala – Guitar

  • Henrik Pääkkönen – Guitar and backing vocal

  • Niko Tanskanen – Drums

  • Ville Närhi – Bass

Tahrat band represent genuine thinking and creative madness in the right mix. Band has hijacked the canon of Finnish rock, explored it thoroughly and in the end mildly abused it. Also they have searched tempo and rhythm from folk music, speed from metal and edge and sharpness from punk, without forgetting melodies from pop. Currently they lyrics are in Finnish language.

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