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Jimmy Westerlund plays first riffs with AROK-FR Shadowman

Jimmy Westerlund playing riffs first time with his new customized AROK-FR Shadowman guitar. Clip taken just after guitar delivery and during the break of One Desire band recording sessions few days back in time at Jimmy's Sea Road Studio.

Jimmy's guitar is customized with black closed semi-hollow body structure, multilayer bindings in body, fretboard and headstock, Fernandes sustainer driver with related electronics, Seymour Duncan Custom Custom bridge pickup with split coil function. Sustainer system can be also truebypassed for battery low voltage situations. Electronics and it's control is nicely hidden/located to keep guitar design as smooth as possible. This was just few highlights of selected customization options.

AROK-FR has 25 inch scale with angled neck and archtop. Easy access to high frets with integrated neck-body structure. Many body cutaway shape choices. Wide TAISTO customization portfolio.

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