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AROK-FR Shadowman in white

Updated: May 12, 2021

Our flagship guitar "Shadowman" got recently new white color scheme option for customer's easy choice. Shadowman is a name of an electric guitar variant AROK-FR including feature selections from AROK customization set.

Taisto Guitars AROK-FR Shadowman guitar in case
AROK-FR Shadowman guitar in case

Guitar is equipped with Original Floyd Rose tremolo system and has all AROK series basic features: 25 inch scale length, 22 frets, hollow-body and integrated angled neck-body structure. Shadowman can be ordered with electronics (e.g. Fernandes, Sustainiac sustainer or pre-amp booster) or it can be shipped without electronics. Shadowman guitar can be also further customized with our customization portfolio.

Taisto Heinonen with white Taisto Guitars AROK-FR Shadowman guitar
Taisto with white AROK-FR Shadowman guitar

White color scheme is build around pure white color of body, neck and headstock. The bindings in body and headstock are adapted for white color. White Shadowman guitar hardware color is gold in bridge, knobs, tuners, strap locks and metal pickup covers with exception of neck pickup if sustainer systems installed.

Taisto Guitars white AROK-FR Shadowman guitar views from front and back side
Taisto Guitars white AROK-FR Shadowman guitar

In the picture above white Shadowman guitar is customized with Fernandes Sustainer electronics which enables infinitive sustain also with low audio volumes. Another supported sustainer is Sustainiac. Instead of sustainer electronics, you can also have our own active guitar preamp booster installed in guitar. All electronics options include also possibility to use guitar in passive mode which is safe for battery run-out situations.

What defines our flagship model Shadowman? Main features defining Shadowman named guitar are:

  • Original Floyd Rose tremolo system with easy spring tension setup

  • Semi-hollow body structure with integrated and angled neck

  • Closed or open body top

  • Semi-Sharp cutaway

  • 25 inch scale length

  • Ebony fretboard with custom inlays and 22 stainless steel frets

  • Mahogany woods in body and neck with arctic birch top wood

  • Metal covered humbucker pickups: BKP pickups or other customer choice