Pre-Amplifer for Guitar

Pre-amplifier-booster P-AMP 1 for guitars. Extend with this product your guitar pickups power output and drive your amp closer to distorsion.

P-AMP 1 Pre-Amplifier for Guitars

Compact and easy to install inside guitars. Many years of daily playing time due to ultra low current consumption. Adjustable gain 0-14 dB using trimmer pot or using external guitar pot while playing.

Includes a kit with CTS pot/ true bypass switch, 9V Lithium battery, battery holder, stereo jack, user guide and guidelines for installation.

Installation Kit for Pre-Amplifier Booster P-AMP 1

Installation is easy and safe because all sensitive electronics and connections are capsulated and molded in a small brick. The preamp is also protected for wrong power polarity connections SPECIFICATION

  • Tube-a-like FET transistor technology

  • Gain 0-14 dB, adjustable with trimmer or ext pot

  • Current 100uA / 9V Lithium battery

  • Many years of playing time in daily active use

  • True bypass supported, stereo jack for power switching

  • Size 48x25x12mm

  • Protected for wrong power polarity

Pre-Amplifier booster capsule P-AMP 1

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