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HIPSHOT bridges in our products

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hipshot bridges are supported in our guitar products. Hipshot Ibby HM bridge is available for V25-series guitars V25-FX/HS, V25-FX7/HS and V25-FX8/HS which means that 6-, 7-string and 8-string guitars are supported.

Hipshot Ibby HM 6-String bridges in colors supported by Taisto Guitars
Hipshot Ibby HM 6-String bridges in colors

First customer delivery will be with V25-FX/HS guitar customization with 6-string black hardware. Guitar will be made for customer during 1Q/2022. Below more detailed pictures about Hipshot Ibby HM bridges

In 7- and 8-string guitars Hipshot Ibby 7 and 8 will fill the gap for fixed bridges because Hannes-7 and 8 bridges are not anymore available by Schaller. In 6-string guitars we support both Hipshot and Schaller bridges: Below most common color schemes of 6-, 7- and 8-string Hipshot Ibby bridges

In addtion to Hipshot Ibby bridges we will be also supporting many other Hipshot products in our guitar and bass products. Products are supported according to needs of our customers

More info about Hipshot products:


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