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Helsinki Tonefest 2019 Video

Pictures from our booth at Helsinkin Tonefest 9th February 2019 in Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland. Guitar testing video clips and Demo Club playing by Henri Aalto.

In Helsinki Tonefest we introduced first time our new AROK guitar series custom guitars. These guitar complement our product portolio with basic features: semi-hollow, angled neck, access to high frets with integrated neck-body structure and wide customization portfolio. First guitars in the show was AROK-TM with tune-o-matic bridge and AROK-WG with wraparound bridge and pieze saddles for acoustic sound.

Other guitars were in the show from V25-series: V25-ET (evertune), V25-FR (purple colored satin finished), V25-FX/S (white, with HSS pickup configuration), V25-FX7/H (7-string with Hannes bridge) and V25-FR (white, Henri Aalto's owned custom guitar).


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