Henri Aalto Visit

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

In the begin of December we had a small studio fun session when Henri Aalto visited us and picked his new Stage 80 pedal board.

Henri Aalto with AROK -TM guitar

After installing all Henri's pedals (needed for his two amp stereo gig setup) on pedal board, Henri played first time with this new pedal setup with few of our guitars and his own V25-FR custom guitar.

In previous video clip Henri plays Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing with strawberry red V25-FR Berry customized Floyd Rose guitar. V25-FR Berry customization includes e.g. add-on body shapes with CLASCUT cutaway and exotic ebony fretboard. The guitar is loaded with Bare Knuckle pickups.

Video clip is taken when Henri jammed with AROK-WG semi-hollow guitar which is customized with Bare Knuckle magnetic pickups and with bridge Ghost piezo pickup system provided by Graphtech. The music Henri jams here is based on theme of his own music.

Henri used is his own custom V25-FR Floyd Rose guitar when he played studio live Gary Moore's Loner. The V25-FR customized for Henri Aalto includes e.g. birdseye maple fretboards with custom inlays, HOOCUT custaway and pure white solid guitar color.

In the end of the session had also some fun jamming together.

Below Henri's stereo pedal setup loaded on Stage 80 pedal board which one of our new products in pedal board series. Available also as smaller sizes.

Stage 80 pedal board

Henri's gig stereo amp setup with Stage 80 pedalboard. In left you can see also Henri's V25-FR Floyd Rose custom guitar.

Henri Aalto stereo gig setup

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