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AROK-WG Cherry Blossom Guitar

New AROK series guitar customization made for customer. Guitar is Taisto Guitars AROK-WG in wine red color and nicknamed as Cherry Blossom. Guitar is loaded with Lundgren magnetic pickups and wraparound style bridge with Ghost acoustic sound system.

Magnetic and piezo pickups can be mixed with volume knobs, guitar supports two main acoustic sounds with tone control and full electronics bypass for low battery situations.

Other features are e.g. stainless steel frets, semi-hollow body, bindings, stainless steel frets, customized neck thickness etc.

In video clip below guitar in Hiscox guitar case provided as accessory for guitar. Guitar fits nicely in hardcase and is well protected as custom guitar should be. In guitar here bright chrome metal knobs are installed but they can be also replaced with black chrome metal knobs - both looking great.

In picture below our customer Jyri from Jyväskylä-region. He picked up his new custom AROK-WG Cherry Blossom directly from our office. Jyri has been very thrilled with his new guitar for great playability and sound for magnetic and acoustic piezo pickups. yri ended up to keep black chrome metal knobs in guitar but took also bright chrome knobs as reserve. He also brought his acoustic steel steel-string guitar for checking and we lowered significantly strings and made all setup adjustments.

Customer Jyri with new Taisto Guitars AROK-WG guitar
Jyri with new Taisto Guitars AROK-WG guitar

Guitar specs in short below:

  • AROK-WG model from AROK-Series

  • Arched birch top

  • Semi-Hollow integrated neck structure

  • 25 inch scale lenght

  • Compound radius ebony fretboard with MOP custom inlay set

  • Mahogany used for body and neck wood

  • Carbon fiber rods in neck

  • Lundgren humbuckers in shiny nickel chrome metal covers

  • Pickups: Modern Vintage in neck, Sucker Bucker in bridge position

  • Controls: Volume for magnetic and piezo pickups, two acoustic sounds,

  • True byPass for electronics

  • Metal chrome or black chrome knobs

  • Wraparound bridge with Ghost acoustic sound by Graph Tech

  • Ratio tuners by Graph Tech

  • Chrome hardware finish

  • Wine red solid color

  • Nicknamed as AROK-WG Cherry Blossom

In video some clean sound samples played played on backing track. Mostly played with neck pickup

AROK-WG Cherry Blossom in Case
AROK-WG Cherry Blossom in Case

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