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AROK-TM Custom Guitar

AROK-TM is Tune-o-matic bridge variant of AROK series custom guitar. Guitar series basic features are: 25 inch scale, 22 frets, easy access to high frets with angled neck-body integration, arched top and semi-hollow body structure.

Guitar series offers wide range of customization choices starting from body cutaway styles, bridge types, knob control layouts to most of already known TAISTO guitar customizations.

Guitar in the pictures is customized with Tune-o-matic bridge, Bare Knuckle Pickups Nailbomb humbuckers with non-plastic custom made rings, 3 knob control layout, satin finish, Spanish cedar integrated neck, Finnish arctic birch top, mahogany body with walnut back slice, double soft cutaway with ballcut and sidecut body features.


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