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3 Band EQ Pedal for Bass

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

New electronics product: TAISTO B-3EQ1 which is 3 band equalizer pedal for bass guitars. This eq has same basic features as our bass built-in eqs. Now it can be used with bass guitars not having active eq support.

TAISTO B-3EQ1 3-band eq bass pedal
TAISTO B-3EQ1 Bass Pedal


  • Low, mid and high boost/cut

  • EQ +/- 12dB for each band

  • Very long playing time in daily active use in battery operation

  • Current need in range – 0.9mA/1.5mA (OFF/ON) 9V

  • External power use +9V

  • High quality foot switch

  • True by Pass switching for audio signal

  • Protected against wrong power supply polarity

  • Size 34x69x113mm, height with knobs 51mm

Pedal will include few customization features such as basic color, knob color, personal logo on cover. More info coming soon. In video clip below you can find few sound samples taken with this pedal.

TAISTO B-3EQ1 Pedal with black knobs
TAISTO B-3EQ1 Pedal with black knobs


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