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3-Band EQ for bass guitars

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Our new electronics product B-3EQ1 for bass guitars. This product was developed along with our iZEN bass guitar series development. EQ unit can be installed in any other bass having enough space for battery and eq unit. Below some detailed info

B-3EQ1 is 3-Band EQ and pre-amplifier and booster for bass guitars. Unit has bass, middle, treble and volume boost functions. All connections are soldered for reliability.

Many years of daily playing time due to very low current consumption


Includes a kit with CTS pots, 9V battery, battery holder, stereo jack and guidelines for installation. Installation is easy and safe because all sensitive electronics and connections are capsulated and molded in a small brick. EQ unit is also protected for wrong power polarity connections.

TAISTO 3-band EQ for bass guitars
TAISTO 3-band EQ for bass guitars


  • Supports volume gain boost when needed

  • Current 0.7mA / 9V battery

  • Very long of playing time in daily active use,

  • True bypass supported, stereo jack for power switching

  • Size 43x59x12.5mm

  • Protected for wrong power polarity


  • B-3EQ1

  • Pots for Bass, Middle, Treble (6.3mm axis with zero position feel)

  • Optionally CTS pots with push-pull function available

  • 9V lithium battery

  • Battery holder

  • Double sided tape piece

  • Stereo jack

  • Installation guide

  • Copper tape for additional shielding

See also our 2-band EQ unit B-2EQ1


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