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V25-FX8/H Guitar now in our Web

Our new 8-string guitar can be now found in our web pages. We have updated basic information about the guitar with many pictures and first video. Guitar has 27 inch scale length and first variant is introduced with smooth Schaller Hannes bridge.

Guitar can be widely customized like all other our V25-series guitars. Here few customization options listed: neck thickness, neck taper, frets, inlays, control knob and switch layouts, wood materials, cutaway style, body thickness, colors and finish style.

Taisto Guitars V25-FX8/H in Hiscox case
V25-FX8/H in case

Guitar is shipped with Hiscox hardcase, accessories and detailed specification. There is two internal colors available for guitar case interior: silver and blue.

Graph Tech Ratio tuners in headstock
Graph Tech Ratio tuners in headstock

Graph Tech Ratio supports nicely the need for 8-string accurate tuning with adapted gear ratio for each string. You can tune very accurately also thick strings 6,7 and 8.

Below you can find example customization short specs for the guitar which is in pictures:

- V25-series guitar and customization choices

- Slim arched body outline

- Black satin nitro finish

- SHRECUT-cutaway

- Hannes-8 bridge by Schaller (optionally also piezo supported)

- 27 inch scale with 24 stainless steel jumbo size frets

- Ebony compound radius fretboard and carbon fiber enforced neck

- Integrated neck body structure for easy high fret access

- Mahogany neck and body wood

- Arctic birch body top wood

- Ratio locking tuners

- Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan Pegasus-8, open coil

- Neck pickup: Seymour Duncan Sentient-8, open coil

- Possibility to add electronics: e.g. booster, piezo, sustainer

- Split coil function with tone knob

- Chrome hardware color

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