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Taisto Guitars go 27" scale

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Taisto Guitars V25-series guitars go 27 with this bran new V25-FR plus2 baritone guitar which is loaded with Original Floyd Rose tremolo system by "Official" Floyd Rose.

Now V25-series custom guitars (including 6- and 7-string guitars) will support also 27" scale length and all V25 customization are available for 27" scale guitars.

This V25-FR plus2 is customized for guitarist Michael Mikander for the ongoing project needs. It is customized with pure white satin-nitro finish so that in body top and headstock top wood can be slightly seen through the paint layers.

For the pickups Michael has selected The One humbuckers by Lundgren Guitar Pickups which are covered with TAISTO Custom Pickup covers with Cracked Ice theme. More information about the custom pickup covers later.

This guitar introduces also new tuner customization choice: Ratio Locking tuners by Graph Tech Guitar Labs. Ratio tuners have balanced feel for each string with multi-gearing.


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