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TAISTO Custom Pickup Covers

Custom guitars by Taisto Guitars can now be customized with custom pickup covers made in-house for our guitars. First we introduce covers for humbucker pickups. All main pickup brands are supported.

Covers can be used with "non-covered" models. We will have a library of customization features "skins" for the pickups. Here in first picture you can see "Cracked Ice" theme

The pickup cover skin is made of mother of pearl (MOP) inlay. The pickup underneath the cover in this picture is "The One" by Lundgren Guitar Pickups. In the picture below you can see pickup set with covers installed in V25-FR plus2 27 inch scale baritone guitar.

In the following picture the cover is named as "Black" and is customized also with TAISTO brand text. This type of cover can be well used for personal signatures or carved logo.

"Black" theme TAISTO Pickup Cover
"Black" theme TAISTO Pickup Cover

The complete humbucker cover set "Cracked Ice" without pickups. Cracked Ice theme will also have another other version with smaller inlay area.

"Cracked Ice" neck and bridge pickup covers
"Cracked Ice" neck and bridge pickup covers

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