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Samuli Federley V25-FX8/H Guitar

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

New 8-string 27" inch scale V25-FX8/H custom guitar made for guitar artist Samuli Federley. Samuli is master of playing 8-string guitars as well as 7- and 6-string guitars. This customization of V25-FX8/H is also named with nickname "Skyfire"

Taisto Guitars V25-FX8/H customized for Samuli Federley
Taisto Guitars V25-FX8/H Samuli Federley

Guitar is customized with Samuli's feature selections from our V25-series customization choices including e.g. neck thickness, inlay set, control layout, electronics options, pickups and personal logo/signatures.

V25-FX8/H 8-string guitar guitar with Lundgren Black Heaven pickups
Top view of Taisto Guitars V25-FX8/H Samuli Federley

Main features:

  • 27 inch baritone scale, 8-string, V25-series TAISTO custom guitar

  • Finnish alder top with mahogany body and neck woods.

  • Transparent high gloss finish

  • SHRECUT-cutaway optimized for technical playing and shredding

  • Ebony compound radius fretboard with jumbo high profile stainless steel frets

  • Yin and yang fixed size fretboard inlay set with Samuli Federley personal logo

  • Reinforced neck with carbon fiber rods

  • Knob layout supporting easy playing

  • TAISTO P-AMP1 premap/booster controlled by volume push-pull

  • Lundgren Black Heaven open coil humbucker pickups

  • Ratio tuners by Graph Tech

  • Hannes-8 bridge by Schaller

  • Chrome finish on metal parts

  • Hiscox hardcase

  • Documentation and guitar accessories

Back view of Samuli Federley's new 8-string custom guitar
Back view of Taisto Guitars V25-FX8/H Samuli Federley

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