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Samuli Federley plays Skyfire guitar

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

We made a new custom guitar for guitar Samuli Federley few weeks ago. His new custom guitar is 8-string customized V25-FX8/H Skyfire from our V25-series. After getting his new guitar, Samuli has made several videos and live streaming sessions with Skyfire guitar. Here few links to these:

Samuli Federley with Taisto Guitars V25-FX8/H Skyfire guitar
Samuli Federley with V25-FX8/H Skyfire guitar

First clip is from the ad-hoc session Samuli played when was visiting our office and playing first notes with the guitar. From the first note he was feeling comfortable with the guitar since it was customized according to his wishes - colors, inlay signatures, knob layout optimized his playing style, shrecut-cutaway for his left hand needs etc.

In next video Samuli Federley plays classic music: Antonio Vivaldi's Winter from the Four Seasons (Le quattro stagioni), which is the best known of Vivaldi's works. Samuli Federley has performed Vivaldi's compositions live with real symphony orchestras.

Next video is Samuli Federley's Nyctophilia which was made for a Finnish drag racing team called Mesiniemi Racing Team. They are European and Finnish champions in this sport and this song acts as their anthem.

In next video clip Samuli Federley Skyfire guitar in case

Video clip taken in outdoor which highlights natural Finnish alder top wood color. In other environments violet and magenta colors are more highlighted.

Main specs

- 27 inch baritone scale, 8-string, V25-series TAISTO custom guitar

- Finnish alder top with mahogany body and neck woods.

- Transparent high gloss finish

- SHRECUT-cutaway optimized for technical playing and shredding

- Ebony compound radius fretboard with jumbo high profile stainless steel frets

- Yin and yang fixed size fretboard inlay set with Samuli Federley personal logo

- Reinforced neck with carbon fiber rods

- Knob layout supporting easy playing

- TAISTO P-AMP1 premap/booster controlled by volume push-pull

- Lundgren Black Heaven open coil humbucker pickups

- Ratio tuners by Graph Tech

- Hannes-8 bridge by Schaller

- Chrome finish on metal parts

- Hiscox hardcase

- Documentation and guitar accessories

More about guitars

Here more Samuli Federley playing in funk style with Skyfire guitar


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