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Pictures from Helsinki Tonefest 2020

Helsinki Tonefest 2020 was held 8th February in Helsinki and now finally we had time to make a short report in form of video and picture collection. This year our site was hosted fully by great players Henri Aalto and Samuli Federley. At our booth we had our first ever 8-string guitar V25-FX8/H on show and new black AROK-FR Shadowman guitar with Fernandes Sustainer system was first time on guitar show.

Samuli Federley (left) and Henri Aalto (right)
Samuli Federley (left) and Henri Aalto (right)

Below you can find a short video summary from our booth and Demoklubi session. You can find e.g. Matias Kupiainen from Stratovarius testing our V25-FR and AROK-FR guitars.

Following guitars were in our booth:

  • AROK-FR Shadowman with Fernandes Sustainer system

  • V25-VT ECM with 2-point tremolo

  • AROK-TM ECM with red satin nitro finish

  • V25-FR Berry with red high gloss finish

  • V25-FX8/H new 8-string guitar with black satin finish

  • V25-FX7/H 7-string guitar

  • V25-FR ECM white Henri Aalto custom guitar

  • V25-FX7 ACM black Samuli Federley custom guitar

Henri Aalto and Samuli Federley played also in our Demoklubi session. Thank you all booth visitors on behalf of Henri Aalto, Samuli Federley and Taisto Guitars

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