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One Desire new album released 22th May

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

One Desire's new album "Midnight Empire" is now released. The album is produced by Jimmy Westerlund and includes list of 10 great songs to listed.

One Desire Midnight Empire album cover
One Desire Midnight Empire album cover

It includes following songs:

1. Shadowman

2. After You’re Gone

3. Down And Dirty

4. Godsent Extasy

5. Through The Fire

6. Heroes

7. Rio

8. Battlefield Of Love

9. Killer Queen

10. Only When I Breathe

Currently released music videos are: Shadowman and After you're gone

Shadowman music video below

After you're gone music video below

Jimmy Westerlund plays Taisto Guitars on album. Below AROK-FR Shadowman guitar.

AROK-FR Shadowman guitar


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