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New TAISTO Stage 80 pedal board

New TAISTO product. Custom pedal board Stage 80 with customization for stereo setup with send-return signal support, power supply, 6m snake for audio and power signal transfer and pull-along flight case.

Size 80 pedal board, also smaller sizes are available.
TAISTO Stage 80 pedal board

Available also as smaller pedal board sizes e.g. Stage 70, Stage 60, Stage 50. This first customized product made for guitar artist Henri Aalto

Power unit installed inside the pedal board
Power unit installed inside the pedal board

First Stage 80 is customized for guitar artist Henri Aalto. This customization support stereo setup with 10 connectors (2 for guitar inputs, 2 for amp outputs, 2 send-return pairs for effect loop and 2 foot switches).

Pull-along flight case supported as add-on option for safe operation. Multi-cable snake option supports easy and quick system installation in gig and studio environment.

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