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New custom guitar series - AROK

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Arok to you from arctic Finland! We are happy to release new Taisto Guitars custom guitar series called AROK.

Guitar series basic features are: 25 inch scale, 22 frets, easy access to high frets with angled neck-body integration, arched top and semi-hollow body structure.

Guitar series offers wide range of customization choices starting from body cutaway styles, bridge types, knob control layouts to most of already known V25 series guitar customizations.

Guitars are designed and manufactured with computer aided tools. Design, manufacturing and hand finishing made in Finland.

New guitars can be seen and tested first time at Helsinki Tonefest 9th Feb 2019 in our booth. Guitars will be also played in event's Demo Club. First guitars are equipped with Tune-o-matic and wraparound bridges. More information available in our web site and social media:

Customized AROK-TM with Tune-o-matic bridge