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New 7-string guitar: V25-FX7

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Taisto Guitars introduces a new custom guitar variant V25-FX7 to extend V25 guitar family to 7-string guitars. First 7-string guitar has fixed bridge Hannes-7 in place, but also few other popular bridges will be supported - please contact for more info. Hannes bridge is also supported for six string guitars.

7-string guitar V25-FX7 and other coming variants will have the same wide range of customization features like 6-string guitars. Few examples listed: cutaway options, pickups, inlays, colors, frets etc.

V25-FX7 in the picture is customized in top level with SHRECUT(TM)-cutaway, EMG 707X active pickups, stainless steel frets, custom multi-size yin-yang inlay set with customer personal logo, chrome hardware and many more. More info about the V25-FX7 will be updated gradually to web site also and details are provided when contacting directly via facebook or web site. Check more info

V25-FX7 customized for Samuli Federley


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