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Jonas Kuhlberg iZEN bass guitar

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

New custom iZEN series bass guitar made for Jonas Kuhlberg. Jonas is playing bass guitar in bands One Desire, myGrain, The Dark Element and Bottoms Up bass duo. He acts also as a bass guitar teacher at Music Institute in Pietarsaari.

Taisto Guitars iZEN-5MS-HL Primus headless multiscale bass guitar made for Jonas Kuhlberg
Taisto Guitars iZEN-5MS-HL Primus Bass Jonas Kuhlberg

Jonas Kuhlberg music activity links: Artist web:

Bottoms up bass duo: Music Institute, Pietarsaari:

Jonas's bass guitar is customized Taisto Guitars iZEN-5MS-HL Primus, which is 5-string, long multiscale headless bass guitar. In top level Jonas's selections for customization are: gray high gloss finish, Finnish birch fretboard, slim body thickness, integrated TAISTO B-3EQ1 3-band equalization unit and chrome hardware finish.

Front view Jonas Kuhlberg iZEN-5MS-HL bass guitar. Instrument is multi-scale headless gray colored  bass guitar
Front view Jonas Kuhlberg iZEN-5MS-HL bass guitar

This full scaled (33.5"-36") bass guitar fits nicely in guitar case (out dim 107cm) which enables easy handling in car, airplane etc. From this iZEN series bass guitar there is available also 4-string version, fixed scale version and headstock versions.Left handed versions are also supported widely.

Features in brief:

  • IZEN series 5-string multiscale 33.5"-36" headless bass

  • Gray high gloss finish

  • 24 stainless steel jumbo frets

  • Finnish arctic birch fretboard

  • Reinforced neck thru structure with carbon fiber rods

  • Finnish birch body top wood with mahogany body and neck

  • Slim body thickness

  • Seymour Duncan NYC pickups with pickup look a like ramp in middle

  • Chrome hardware finish

  • Hardware by ABM Germany

  • TAISTO 3EQ1 3-band equalization unit

  • 4 position rotational pickup selector

  • Volume control with push-pull for active (default)/passive mode

  • Hiscox case

  • Accessories, tools and documentation

Back view of  Jonas Kuhlberg Taisto Guitars iZEN-5MS-HL Primus bass guitarguitar
Back view: Jonas Kuhlberg iZEN-5MS-HL bass guitar

More detailed specification available on request: info@taistoguitars, facebook DM, our website contact


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