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Ice Eye Band Released New Song

Ice Eye band, leaded by Ilari Hämäläinen, released new song "Raging Storm" 18th Feb 2023. They were also invited with this song to semifinal stage of Una voce per San Marino which is their local Eurovision song contest. Samuli Federley plays his 7-string TAISTO Black Sky custom guitar in this song.

Ice Eye :

Ilari Hämäläinen - Vocals

Samuli Federley - Guitars Lauri Hämäläinen - Bass

Ville Siuruainen - Drums

Samuli Federley plays lead guitar in the band and uses TAISTO V25 series 7-string Black Sky signature guitar in Ice Eye music. Guitar is loaded with EMG active pickups and hardtail bridge. Guitar's fretboard is made of ebony wood including custom yin yang inlay set with Samuli Federley logo.

Samuli Federley with TAISTO Black Sky guitar
Samuli Federley with TAISTO Black Sky guitar

Here is Ice Eye's new song "Raging Storm" as You Tube release. Also available in Spotify.

Ilari Hämäläinen and Ice Eye
Ilari Hämäläinen and Ice Eye

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