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Henri Aalto Plays With V25-FX7

Henri Aalto is a Finnish electric guitar artist and song writer playing instrumental melodic rock, fusion and folk rock. He plays as solo guitar artist or with his own named band and you can also see him playing with other bands as a visiting guitarist. Henri acts also as guitar playing teacher.

Henri is having a long experience of playing in several bands and done also tours outside Finland. Latest tour gigs were just few months ago in Germany with his H.A.B - Henri Aalto Band

Henri’s music - it is all about the passion, feelings and melodic compositions which are played with virtuous playing technique with 6- and 7-string guitars. Henri's discography includes many albums and recorded EPs and singles. Check below a fresh 2-song live-playing video clip about Henri’s music.

The first song in clip - “Guardian Angel” is about feelings when becoming a father and the wish for guardian angels to take care of children. The second song in clip - played with 7-string guitar - “Sad Day” is named based on the challenges and experiences the family faced on a same day when working with this song. More info:

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