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Guitar Summit 2019 Pictures

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Guitar Summit 2019 was held 27-29th September in Mannheim, Germany. The venue place was Rosengarten Congress Center at the heart of the city. Show lasted 3 days of which the Saturday was the most busiest one. Show covered a huge amount of custom electric guitars. We met also many famous guitarist such as Paul Gilbert who was visiting Marshall amp booth. In picture gallery below there is also one picture about Paul Gilbert and our Riitta posing towards camera.

The show was "silent" show i.e. playing only with headphones was allowed. There was separate testing rooms for guitar testing needs. In our booth we had this time six custom electric guitars as seen in picture from left: Red V25-FR Berry with Bare Knuckle pickups and high gloss finish, AROK-WG with piezo and magnetic pickups, AROK-FR, dark V25-FR Berry with DiMarzio pickups, V25-ET Evertune and V25-FX7/H seven string electric guitar.

Taisto Guitars booth at Guitar Summit 2019, Mannheim, Germany
Taisto Guitars booth at Guitar Summit 2019

Video summary from our booth at Guitar Summit 2019


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