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About Hannes and Hipshot Bridges

Schaller has communicated already many months ago that they will stop supporting Hannes-7 and Hannes-8 guitar bridges. However support for 6-string Hannes bridge will continue which is great news. These bridges are used in some of our 7- and 8-string V25-FX models.

Hannes-7 and Hannes-8 both uses same saddle parts and screws as Hannes-6 bridge, which will ensure availability of spare parts for 7- and 8-string bridges install base

Taisto Guitars V25-FX7/H custom guitar
Taisto Guitars V25-FX7/H custom guitar

In case you still want to 7- or 8-string Hannes bridge guitar, make order now because we can still get some bridges from their storage. We have also few bridges in our own storage. Hannes bridge has very smooth touch for your right hand so excellent choice.

Hannes bridges for 7- and 8-string guitars
Hannes-7 and Hannes-8 guitar bridge

Hannes 6-string version support will continue and it will stay in our product portfolio. Here couple examples of our made guitars with Hannes bridge

We have started to support Hipshot bridges in our V25-series custom guitars. It is having similar flat design as Hannes bridge has. The main difference is that Hipshot is having fully metallic saddles.

Today you can select either Hannes or Hipshot fixed bridge for 6-, 7- or 8-string V25-FX/H guitars. Later when Hannes-7 and Hannes-8 bridge support will fully stop due to lack of components, Hipshot 7 and 8 versions will ensure our fixed bridge support for 7- and 8-string guitars.

Luckily both Hannes and Hipshot brand names start with H-letter, so our custom guitar V25-FX/H, V25-FX7/H and V25-FX8/H names need no change. Below few pictures about Hipshot bridges. Here is more info about Hipshot products.


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