2-Band EQ installation

Here is one good example how you can install TAISTO Electronics EQ units to your own bass guitar and extend your bass sound range.

TAISTO B-2EQ1 and B3EQ1 labels

Below you can see B-2EQ1 2-band EQ kit for bass guitars. Optionally you can also add volume pots, switches and knobs.

TAISTO B-2EQ1 2-band eq unit for bass guitars

New TAISTO B-2EQ1 2-band eq unit was installed customer's own handmade 4-string Stingray style bass guitar. Bass had one pickup and 3 controls

The pickup used in this customer's bass was Multicoil pickup with Stingray style covers made by Rautia Pickups. The eq unit was covered with copper tape. The pickup and eq unit delivered great sound with serial and parallel modes.

Customer's Stingray style bass guitar with 3 controls

Here is example of wiring schematic for B-2EQ1 unit with volume potentiometer and push/pull switch for serial/parallel pickup switching. In this bass guitar boost switch was not installed - boost related wires were soldered together for normal gain level.

Example B-2EQ1 wiring schematic for one pickup

Pickup and EQ unit delivered great sound range with all controls: Bass, Treble, Volume and Serial/Parallel pickup coil switching

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