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New Guitar V25-ET with EverTune

New V25-ET variant which stays in tune. The guitar has EverTune bridge, which keeps the string tension constant automatically by mechanical spring system.

This variant with customizations is excellent choice for the players who do not want to spend time on tuning the guitar in sessions, concerts and studio recordings. Bridge is easy to setup and you can do also string bending with the guitar.

Guitar in picture with following customizations:

- EverTune bridge - automatically keeps guitar in tune

- Translucent slightly curly-quilted maple top, - HOOCUT (tm) body cutaway style

- Slim body outline thickness

- Custom flower dot inlay using MOP

- Stainless steel jumbo frets

- Ebony compound radius fretboard

- Neck thickness at 1st fret customized to be 21mm

- Volume-Toggle-Tone control layout with split coil in Tone

- Bare Knuckle Pickups Nailbomb humbuckers with black coil covers

V25-ET EverTune by Taisto Guitars


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