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New FIRENZA-HS Sulfur Guitar

FIRENZA series is extended today with new bridge variant FIRENZA-HS which uses Hipshot Ibby HM hardtail bridge. Guitar model follows fully design and with customization features earlier last year released Floyd Rose FIRENZA-FR model. With FIRENZA-HS model we also bring new customization feature for whole FIRENZA series guitars: Guitar body can now selected as normal size or slightly smaller (width of body).

Taisto Guitars FIRENZA-HS Sulfur Yellow Custom Guitar
FIRENZA-HS Sulfur Custom Guitar

Hipshot Ibby is machined from a solid hunk of billet brass with curved design. It is available for right and left hand guitars as well as 6-, 7- and 8-string guitars. This first FIRENZA-HS guitar is already shipped to customer.

Hipshot Ibby HM bridge used in FIRENZA-HS guitar
Hipshot Ibby HM bridge used in FIRENZA-HS

Key Features for FIRENZA-HS Sulfur

  • FIRENZA-series

  • High gloss Sulfur yellow finish body in normal size

  • Nitrocellulose semi-matte finish in neck

  • Hipshot Ibby HM hardtail bridge

  • 25 inch scale with compound radius fretboard

  • Neck thickness 1F 21mm

  • Stainless steel medium size frets

  • Bolt-on-neck structure

  • Alder body

  • Maple neck

  • Indian rosewood fretboard

  • MOP dot inlays

  • Scratch-free black matte pickguard

  • Lundgren The One humbucker pickups

  • 3 way blade type pickup switch with Tone knob split coil

  • 4-2 style FIRENZA headstock

  • Easy access to high frets (shaped body)

  • Schaller security locks

  • Hiscox case (optional)

  • Tools and accessories

FIRENZA-HS body from backside
FIRENZA-HS Body from backside

Guitar neck is bolted with sex neck screws with ferrules. The neck joint position in body is also asymmetrically shaped so that it is very easy access high frets and there is no sharp and straight body edges. Hardware finish selected for this customization is chrome.

Lundgren humbucker pickups installed to FIRENZA-HS guitar
Lundgren The One pickups installed to FIRENZA-HS guitar

The pickups set for this SULFUR customization are The One humbuckers made by Lundgren Pickups from Sweden. These pickups were selected by our customer who ordered this guitar. The black pickguard used in our FIRENZA is scratch-free with matte finish.

Taisto Guitars FIRENZA-HS Sulfur guitar in Hiscox case
Taisto Guitars FIRENZA-HS Sulfur guitar in case

In the picture above FIRENZA-HS Sulfur in it's case which is made by Hiscox Cases. Other optional accessories are black matte colored TAISTO leather strap.

Taisto Guitars FIRENZA-HS Sulfur guitar front and back view
FIRENZA-HS Sulfur guitar front and back view

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