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Henri Aalto - Magnetic Tales Album

Listen Henri Aalto "Magnetic Tales" full album from YouTube or buy CD from Henri's web site. Henri plays instrumental music and plays also Taisto Guitars V25-FR Floyd Rose guitar.

Album The album has a middle-eastern vibe on tracks like My little Ballerina, In the Garden and Eastern Nights. There are also some Asian sounding on Mount Asahi. Answering Echoes is a guitar song, where Finnish folk music meets eastern style melodies. All tracks are written, played and produced by Henri Aalto 2013 – 2016.

Includes tracks

01. Answering Echoes

02. Sea Cruise

03. In my Dream

04. Up in Space

05. Eastern Nights

06. Winter Song

07. My little Ballerina

08. Room 311

09. I Wanna Play (Strange Blue)

10. Mount Asahi

11. In the Garden

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