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Contact now and we will start discussion about your needs.
We provide detailed  guitar specification based on discussions and customization options.
Guitars are made-to-order based on agreed specification.

You will get frequent updates the progress of your guitar in the form of shared drive pictures

We can use all communication methods available: email,  whapsapp, facebook skype, voice call etc.

Ask about our pricing - we can offer customized guitars in good prices with wide range of features

Send  information about guitar model and customizations you are interested.

You can also email directly using address: info (at) taistoguitars.com.

Get familiar also our total satisfaction-policy

SCM - Standard Custom Made - prices starting from 2499 EUR
ACM - Artist Custom Made - prices starting from 2999 EUR

ECM - Elite Custom Made - prices starting from 3799 EUR

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After you have contacted us with information about guitar model and options you are interested, we will reply back with the pricing information and will ensure that you are getting the correct guitar with the correct options.  


After agreement about the details we will request you also to confirm the order.  Ordering is completed when you have sent email confirm message and completed an advance payment 20% of the selling price.  In case of higher price classes we require higher advance payment  30%.

After your guitar is ready for shipping, you pay rest of the payment and we will inform you about the shipping details.
For readymade stock guitars there is no advance payment, simply selling price is paid before shipping.


The lead time for ordered guitar delivery is currently around 8-12 weeks. The delivery time may vary from time to time, and it is confirmed for each order separately. For the guitars which are already in stock the delivery time is around 1-2 weeks.



We accept currently payments by wire (bank) transfer.
We are also planning to support in near future PayPal.


If there is an unfortunate case that you need to cancel your order for some valid reason,

the following order cancel policy will be applied:

1) If you cancel your order within 1 week from the order confirmation,

we will keep half of the advance payment  to cover our handling and preparation costs.

2) If you cancel after the build process has started or after 1 week from your confirmed order,
we will keep the advance payment  to cover our handling, preparation and material cost overhead.

See also our Total Satisfaction Policy 

Total satisfaction


Since we are confident about our guitar quality, we are having special total satisfaction-policy in use for the direct sales customers. If you are not satisfied for some valid reason with the delivered guitar product and you inform in short notice us about the return of the instrument, it is possible to apply our total satisfaction-policy. However, we do all our best that you do not have to use this policy

The conditions for the policy are:


You need to inform us about the return of the instrument within 7 days from the delivery and provide the reason of return. We appreciate your feedback and improve our processes.

Please note also that the guitar cannot be used during this period in band trainings, gigs or other playing sessions.


The guitar and the case with additional materials and products must be all returned and as in original new-condition. We will document all our instruments before shipping so we know exactly how product was shipped and what was included.


The customer is responsible for the shipping costs of reliable carrier like UPS or DHL.



In case all the conditions are met, we will refund the selling price minus 15% (of the selling price)

This 15% is to cover all overhead costs caused by the handling of the order. 
Total satisfaction policy does not apply to guitars or items purchased from via other channels e.g. dealers and sales in exhibitions.




Our guitars are covered with a limited 10-year warranty for defects or incomplete workmanship. Hardware parts such as tuners and bridges are covered with the warranty provided by the part manufacturer.
Please keep the original sales receipt as proof of ownership.

We will repair or replace any defective part for the behalf of the part manufacturer. However, the owner agrees to pay all freight expenses of the repaired guitar.

The warranty period starts when instrument owner has registered the guitar in  30-day period from the purchase (instrument is shipped and received by customer).
The warranty is for original purchaser only via registration.


Warranty not valid if the instrument is not registered within 30 days from the purchase. If the warranty is wanted to be continued after change of owner, the instrument has to be inspected by the manufacturer.


The instrument warranty does not cover changes or defects caused by


Normal wear of instrument or parts e.g. colors and surfaces, frets, plating of metallic parts, strings


Misuse or hard handling of instrument or parts


Natural cracking of lacquer or paint caused by time or sudden changes of temperature or humidity. Natural shrinking of lacquer or wood caused by time based evaporation,  moisture changes in wood caused by  conditions. As example joint of two woods may come slightly visible when described changes happen


Other surface or structural damages caused by wrong storage or use in extreme conditions


Any damage caused by modifications